Brisbane Northside Classic Holden Club Inc                                                          Previously named Brisbane Northside FX-FJ Holden Car Club Inc.)

At shows and public events people tell us that that there’s no such thing as an FX Holden. There are several theories as to how the term “FX” originated, but it has become the accepted name for the first Holdens which we all know are really the “48/215”.

This approach typifies the laid-back nature of the club, which had its origins way back in 1976 when these early Holdens weren’t so early. In recent years the club has expanded to accommodate all Holdens which are “at least 30 years old”. So now we have members with FX (48/215, if you must), FJ, FB, EK, EJ, and HX Holdens, as well as a “bash” car which is based on an FC. Clearly there are some gaps to fill, for those less Holden-inclined these include FE, EH, HD, HR, HK, HT, HG, HQ, HJ, HX, HZ, VB and VC Commodores, Toranas, and Geminis. Whether stock standard, or modified, all are welcome.

Recently we have been fortunate to have an increase in membership, mainly from FJ owners. Anyone who says there aren’t many FJ utes around should come on one of our runs. We have no less than six FJ utes from a total membership of around 30. The list also includes several FJ sedans (one V8 powered, one with a rare Repco Highpower head), a freshly restored (and also rare) FJ van, two FXs, several of the finned FB/EKs (one also V8 powered) and an EJ sedan. There are two FJ sedans currently being restored by club members, and some have period caravans which compliment their cars.

Club members participate in public events which have included the 2000 Olympic Games parade through the Brisbane CBD, Australia Day celebrations, tunnel openings (lots of these to come in the River City), and local shows. As suggested by the name, we are based on the northside of Brisbane and meet monthly at the Kallangur Tavern, 1517 Anzac Avenue, Kallangur, a major sponsor of the club. Our meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in the function room. A variety of interesting runs are held at least monthly, and the club aims to encourage the preservation of early Holdens, the regular driving of club cars, and the active participation in club events with like-minded people.

And yes, some even drive Fords as well.

contact us@northside-fxfj.org


PO Box 2226 Chermside, QLD, 4032

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