There are three forms of membership in the club, the first being :-

Ordinary Membership

This membership is for persons owning Holden Motor Vehicles 30 years old or older.

Country Membership

Country Membership shall have the same rights as ordinary membership and apply to members who live 30 kilometers or more away from the regular nominated meeting place.

Associate Membership

This is for persons who do not own a Holden at least 30 years old but wish to join the club in their own right.

Membership Fees

Fees are $40 for single membership for 12 months or

$60 for couples membership for 12 months.

Fees fall due at the Annual General Meeting in September of each year.

If you would like more information about the club or would like a Membership Application Form please contact us.

3 Responses to Membership

  1. daniel dickson says:

    hi i am a car enthusiast
    and have recently purchased a nice original unrestored hr
    i would be looking for a club just to cruise around in
    i am 34 years old and i am over my hoon stage
    and just like to drive
    i also would tell my dad about the club who is 54
    and owns 3 x 48/215’s one of which was restored about 15 years ago
    but will need some fixing up as it has been sitting in shed for a long time
    but he also did enjoy driving it and when he gets it back on the road may be interested in joining
    the hard thing for me is i am a bit shy and never been a part of a club like this
    but i have heard about other clubs that dad has been a part of
    i am looking for a laid back club with out the political crap that ruins other clubs
    i go with the flow and i just like old holdens ive been around them since i can remember just now haveing the chance to own one
    enough rambling for me
    if you could let us know what ur about and whether i would fit in
    especially age wise
    that would be great


    daniel d

  2. Stuart Walker says:

    Hi I’m an owner of a 48-215 she is a heavily modified Car and most mods where done by me over the last 5 years. She is nearly complete and ready for road use I am looking for a club to join with like minded people and is also close to the sunshine coast as that’s where I reside

    thank you

  3. admin says:

    Hi Daniel, I dont know if anyone has replied to you, but our club has a run on Saturday the 20 April 2013 and I would like to invite you along so you can meet others with an interest in FX FJ holdens. The details are on our our club run page.

    Thank you,